Live In Care

What is Live-InCare?

Looking for an alternative to a care home? Live-in Care is the ideal solution, offering bespoke one-to-one support and assistance in your own home and on your own terms.

Choosing how to handle the care of a loved one in their later years is a difficult decision; you want to do what’s best for your family. There is no right or wrong, every family situation is different.

Live-in Care is a full-time home care solution that allows you or your loved one to stay at home in familiar, relaxed surroundings, with a comfortable routine. There is none of the disruption or confusion that often comes with moving and the level of care and support is incomparable.

A fully trained and equipped Live-in Carer lives in the home and provides bespoke one-to-one full time care and companionship, following an agreed support plan that is personalised to the individual.

Benefits of a fully trained Live-in Carer

For those that value their independence, want to stay behind their own front door and not leave their cherished home or pets, Live-in Care is the perfect solution.

  • Retain your individuality and independence
  • Eating what you want
  • Going to bed when you want
  • Watching what you like on television
  • Keeping your beloved pets
  • Costs of Live-In care can be offset against the capital appreciation of the property, which remains a viable asset.
  • Bespoke, personal one-to-one home care

    We will discuss, with those that are familiar with existing routines and needs, an individual and flexible support plan. This is arranged on your terms and designed to meet existing preferences for medications, meals and eating times, naps and favoured activities.

    All of our Carers have compassionate, caring natures to match their specialist training; it takes a special sort of person to be a Live-in Carer and we’re delighted to have so many professional, supportive and trusted individuals on our staff.

    Live-in Care offers peace of mind

    Families who entrust their loved ones to Live-in Care rest easy with the peace of mind that someone is always on hand to provide care, companionship and take care of household chores.

    The carer will be there to spend quality time with their companion, chatting and keeping them company.They will sleep in their own room and help with personal care such as toileting, bathing or overseeing medication or mobility. They will also keep up with the housekeeping chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

    When family comes to visit, you don’t have to worry about going to the shops, cleaning the house or making sure that medication has been taken. The family is free to spend quality time with each other knowing that their loved one is in the best possible place and in the best possible hands.

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